Welcome to Dermographism.com

This web site has been created to help those suffering from dermographism. Due to information about dermographism being hard to come by, I have made this web site to try and gather information from real people living with the condition.

I have lived with Dermographism (Urticaria) since I was 14. I am now 31 and have reached a point where I don't believe in taking anti-histamines or other treatments. Faith in the medical field is at an all time low. Most suffers know how hard it is to find a doctor that will actually address the issues. Generally I have found that doctors just prescribe treatments, which in turn have their own side effects.

I am in search of a cure, or at least find the cause of this disease. If no cure is found, I feel that knowing/helping others like myself will at least make life a bit easier.

Please participate in sharing your stories, as well as communicating in the discussion forum.

Web site last updated: January 4th, 2008
Web site created: September 1, 2005